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Alexandria: A History Lovers' Handbook

Egypt has always been famous for its ancient history, and Alexandria remains one of its oldest and most ancient pillars. It is the "pearl of the Mediterranean", the second-largest city after the capital, and is considered one of the tourist destinations that compete with Cairo with its charm and splendor, and whoever does not book a trip to Alexandria will miss a lifetime of experience to get closely acquainted with the Egyptian culture.

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What are the secrets that make Alexandria a tourist legend? Here are some facts:

Alexander the Great established the city harbor in 331 BC, when he was the king of Macedonia and the conqueror of the Persian Empire.
She was later ruled by Cleopatra, one of the most famous queens throughout history.
Shining at the entrances to its harbor is the Pharaohs Lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Library of Alexandria included among its walls the most important encyclopedia of books on ancient history, to compete with Rome in its time as a cultural and scientific destination.
History lovers, tourists, and families cannot miss the archaeological treasures and wonders that still stand there and stand tall before the eyes of the world. Don't forget to add these historic gems to your next trip to Alexandria:

1. All the Magic of Thought: The Library of Alexandria

The famous historical library may have disappeared with time, but you can discover its splendor in the new library of the future. Wander among its breathtaking walls with all the information it contains about the ancient past through millions of books, in addition to the six other libraries, including the children's library, which contains rare books. There is also an unparalleled family experience in an interactive exhibition such as the Chorama, which extends over a giant 180-degree screen and displays historical stories about both ancient and modern Egyptian history.

2. Reviving yesterday's glories today: The Roman Theater

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Alexandria-Fort-Qaitbey Head to Kom El-Dakka, travel back in time to the days of Roman history and enjoy the most important Egyptian discoveries in the twentieth century. It is the only Roman theater in Egypt, it was discovered by chance in 1960 and is still under great care at its best.

3. Wonders of the Ancient World Await: Qaitbay Fort

Since the fifteenth century, this castle has been standing on the Mediterranean coast, witnessing Alexandria of one of its most beautiful treasures and the Seven Wonders of the World, the lighthouse of the Pharaohs, which was destroyed over time, but its ruins can be seen from inside the restored castle. It is the best destination for a stroll on the beach in the fresh air along its ramparts.

4. Live among Kings: The Montazah Palace Gardens

Alexandria-Montazah-Palace in the Montazah in Alexandria, perennial gardens the longer they live, the more beautiful they are. In the Montazah Palace you are greeted by shrubs and flowers, that palace built by the last Khedive of Egypt and Sudan, Khedive Abbas II in 1892. You can take the most beautiful pictures of the outer walls that embody a mixture of Turkish-Ottoman architecture and Italian-Florentine design (enjoy your sights at the Vecchio Palace tower). Although the building is not open to visitors, the stroll around its vast gardens will not be forgotten.
5. Amaze by the Magnitude: the Bombay Pillar

One of the most important monolithic columns that were born throughout history is the historic Bombay Column in Alexandria. The 30-meter-long column was built in honor of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, and is considered a symbol of golden Egyptian history for travelers and history lovers who visit Alexandria today.

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Cairo the city that never sleeps

Cairo City It is one of the cities of the Arab Republic of Egypt, founded in 969, and is considered its administrative capital, and ranks first among Arab cities in terms of area, with an area of 453 km², rising above sea level 23 meters.


Cairo has many names including the city of 1,000 minarets, the city of Egypt al-Mahrousa, and the city of Cairo al-Moez.


Geography of Cairo Located on the continent of Africa, specifically in the north of the Arab Republic of Egypt, it is located at a long line of 31.13 degrees east of the Greenwich Line, and at a latitude of 30.02 degrees north of the equator.

Climate of Cairo: while its climate is characterized by a cold climate in winter, high temperatures in summer and the city is exposed to the gusts of five-year winds that raise temperatures in the spring.

Residents of Cairo: The city is one of the largest cities in Africa in terms of population, with a population of 7,787,000 million according to 2007 statistics, the official language of the population is Arabic, which is the dominant language in Egypt, and religion owes the majority of the population to the Islamic religion and a minority in Christianity.


Cairo Landmarks Historical, archaeological, touristic and religious monuments contained in the city include Amr ibn al-As Mosque, Al-Hussein District,


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Egyptian Opera House, Egyptian Museum, Salah al-Din Al-Ayoubi Castle, The Hanging Church, National Book and Documentation House, Khan al-Khalili, Coptic Museum, Al-Azhar Mosque, Cairo Tower, Greek Church of St. George, Walls of the Old City and Sayyida Zeinab District. The city contains as well ancient Egyptian monuments the pyramids of Giza, Memphis, Sakkara, and Dahshur. There are many Cairo tours that cover visiting the main landmarks of the city of Cairo. 


General information about Cairo: Throughout history, the city has been the capital of the United Arab Republic, the Egyptian Kingdom, the Abbasid state, the Ayyubid state, the Eyala of Egypt, and the Fatimid state. The city was named the Jewel of the East. Cairo has its roots in the city of Al-Fasfat, which was established in the 20th year by The Sahabi Amr ibn al-As.

The official currency used in the city is the Egyptian pound, and its economy depends on the many commercial markets, the industrial sector, the agriculture sector, financial institutions, and tourism revenues.

The city is home to many international and regional organizations such as: UN Women, The Headquarters of the Arab League, untold Population Fund, World Health Organization, UNDP headquarters, FAO, African Basketball Federation headquarters, International Civil Aviation Organization, UN Humanitarian Coordination Office and International Telecommunication Union.

Giza pyramids tours Sights and Tips

You've seen thousands of photos of the Giza Pyramids by the time you come here, but nothing breaks the close-and-personal relationship with the ancient monuments. Egypt's most famous and underdeveloped structures, these tombs of ancient kings, guarded by the peaceful Sphinx, have been viewed for centuries. It is a dream of any visitor to go on a



Today they continue to work their magic on everyone who visits. Traveling to Egypt is not one of the most famous tourist attractions here. These enormous monuments are distorted on the outskirts of Cairo's suburban sprawl and respect the power and aspirations of Egypt's Pharaoh rulers.


Great Pyramid (Cheops Pyramid of Khufu Pyramid)


The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Cheops Pyramid) is not only the most famous monument of the ancient site but also one of the most famous monuments in the world. It was built by Pharaoh Khufu (commonly called Cheops in Greek transcription) and was known to ancient Egyptians as Ekhet Khufu (Khufu Horizon).


According to Herodotus, 100,000 people worked on the construction site for three months each year. The cubic content of this mammoth structure is staggering. Except for the rock foundation and the inner chambers, the Great Pyramid is 2, 3 million cubic meters. The basic measurement is 227, 5 meters, the vertical height 137, 2 meters.


The non-claustrophobic can enter the pyramid, though there is little vision within the dense, narrow corridors. The entrance is a passage on the north side of the pyramid, which was cut off with grave robbers about 15 meters below the original entrance. This narrow tunnel leads to the Great Gallery, a long passage that is the miracle of a neat masonry. In addition, the tomb chamber, which contains the open, empty granite sarcophagus that was once Khufu's mummy.


Solar Boat Museum


On the southern and eastern sides of the 1954 Cheops Pyramid , excavations showed five long caverns to ships, broken down into more than a thousand Solar Barque as a ballot. Tedious restoration work has united the barque, and the 4,500-year-old cedar tree ship is now on display in a small one-room museum next to the Great Pyramid.


Oriental cemetery

On the eastern side of the Cheops Pyramid, there were three smaller pyramids, designed as tombs for queens and for Pharaoh's daughter and a large cemetery for other relatives. On the south side of the great greatness for maszabák fall line.


Western cemetery


West of the Cheops Pyramid, there is an extensive royal cemetery for members of the royal house and high state officials from the Fourth Dynasty, who are used until the sixth. Here you will find a small column post on the tomb of Senegemib-Inti, which contains some interesting wood carvings.


Chephren's Pyramid (Khafre's Pyramid)


The Chephren Pyramid (Khafre Pyramid) is 160 meters southwest of the Great Pyramid. Built by Khafre, Khufu's son, at first, seems larger than his father's earlier pyramid than on a higher land. Much of the original limestone cladding has been preserved at the top of the pyramid, and the layout of the funeral temple on the east side is clearly distinguishable. The height of the pyramid is 135, 5 meters, and its basic size is 210, 5 meters.


Pyramid of Mycerinus (Pyramid of Menkaure)


The smallest of the three main Giza pyramids is the Mycerinus pyramid (Menkaure pyramid), which consists of unusually large blocks of limestone. Its vertical height is 62 meters and its basic size is 108 meters. On the south side of the pyramid were three smaller, unfinished pyramids for the Pharaoh's relatives.


The best panoramic views of the entire site are located at the rocky foot four miles south of the Mycerinus Pyramid.




Perhaps Egypt's most famous monument after the Great Pyramid itself, the enigmatic Sphinx is a simple but subtly built granite structure, a lying lion just northwest of the Cheops Pyramid . The head of a pharaoh (usually thought to be Chephren) is out of natural stone and wears a royal headscarf and a cobra.


The weather and deliberate mutilation have done a lot of damage over the centuries, but the Sphinx still gives a huge impression of majestic and artistic performance. The number is 73, 5 meters long and 20 meters high.


Camel Ride Pyramids of Giza



If you would like to ride on the pyramids, it is worth leading to the village stables (the Sphinx parking lot) where guides are recommended and the horses are kept in good condition. The best time to ride in the pyramid area is at sunset when you can lead the surrounding desert to the sights of the monuments as the sunsets.


Although it's a cliché, the camels ride the pyramids one of those tick-list Egyptian things. If a camel becomes a camel when traveling, it must be here. Unfortunately, so it is extremely important that you choose your tour operator in Egypt


carefully and make sure that the camel is healthy and nourished. 

Why is a trip to Egypt important?

The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in southwest Asia and northeast Africa. According to the map of Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula is located in Asia, and the rest of the country is in Africa.


Egypt is one of the largest Arab states with a territory of more than 1 million square kilometers. Looking at the map of the country, it can be seen that it is washed immediately by two seas - the waters of the Red Sea in the east and the Mediterranean in the north. Most of the territory (about 90%) is occupied by deserts - part of the Sahara, Arabian and Libyan.




Tours to Egypt are popular at any time of the year, this is one of the advantages of the country over the rest. This is a place where there are all the attributes of a summer vacation: always a warm sea, hot rays of the sun, exciting excursions, outdoor activities and even fruitful shopping. Moreover, all this is available throughout the year and for a moderate fee.



Active holidays in Egypt offer a lot of entertaining entertainments that can amuse not only children and youth, but also the older generation. Tennis, golf, volleyball and billiards - this is what you can do without even leaving the walls of the hotel. Desert safaris on ATVs and jeeps, camel rides, yacht trips, water parks, fishing, hot air ballooning, surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling, and, of course, popular diving among tourists - in Egypt there is all this and much more!


Egypt combines many features that attract tourists from all over the world - this country can be called the cradle of ancient civilization, and the huge Nile Valley, and the coast of the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean.


The tourist map of the resorts of Egypt is full of already famous and popular places for recreation - Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Nuweiba, Safaga and many other places are always ready to accept tourists. Most resorts are located in the east of the country and stretched along the Red Sea. However, Alexandria, Es Sallum and Port Said (and other small resorts and settlements) are waiting for tourists on the Mediterranean coast.


The best seasons to visit the country are spring and autumn. However, on the Red Sea coast the water temperature does not fall below 25 ° C all year round. The climate of the Mediterranean is also more than pleasant and attractive.


During a vacation in Egypt, in addition to spending time at chic resorts and beach

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vacations, tourists will find a variety of attractions, excursions to the picturesque deserts, sea bathing, oriental bazaars, incendiary music and much more.

It is recommended to pay special attention to the following sights of Egypt: a tour of Cairo - the capital of the country - here you will find vivid contrasts between poverty and wealth and the most complete sense of the national color of the country; cruises on the Nile, during which you can not only see those same Nile crocodiles, but also sail past ancient cities and monuments of architecture; trips to Bedouin villages where you will be amazed at the traditional way of life of these desert inhabitants, which has survived to this day; Mausoleum of Ag Khan; Temple of Horus; ancient pyramids - the visiting card of the country.

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